Fleet Work

The Midland Tyres team is dedicated to providing first-class and cost-effective solutions to fleet vehicles in the UK.

We have a team of fully trained engineers and technicians with hands-on experience to provide prompt and dependable fleet services and maintenance for different types and sizes of fleet vehicles, such as pickup and heavy trucks, buses, trailers, and motorhomes. We work for clients in various industries including construction contractors, manufacturers, transport companies, and more.

Downtime caused by fleet repairs can impede business transactions and operations. Our team does our best to keep business operations unaffected or have minimal delays. We do everything possible to ensure that repair works are done on time and with excellent results.

Importance of Fleet Services and Maintenance

Safety is at the forefront of the transport industry. Keeping the fleet safe and running is essential for keeping the business running smoothly and unexpected breakdowns can cause huge consequences. This can delay deadlines and might create a negative impression on clients. In addition, a poorly maintained fleet can also cause accidents, thus needs to be prevented as much as possible.

With regular fleet inspection and maintenance, businesses can keep their fleets in top condition and prevent breakdowns. Qualified technicians can help in ensuring that company vehicles are running efficiently which helps save fuel cost and improve the amount of time the vehicles are running on the road and making deliveries.

At Midland Tyres, we offer regular monthly fleet inspection and maintenance services. We work with clients to understand their needs and create a fleet maintenance solution to keep their business moving. We also offer quick and dependable responses for fleets breaking down during out-of-work hours.

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