Laser Line Wheel Alignment

Setting your wheels to the optimal position is important for vehicle safety. It ensures a more comfortable and smoother ride as you get better handling over the vehicle. It also provides long-term cost benefits as improves fuel efficiency and reduces tire wear which also means an increased tire mileage.

There are various telltale signs that your vehicle’s wheels are misaligned. Among the most common signs are uneven tire wear, the vehicle pulling and not tracking straight, and many more. If you experience any of these, you should immediately have it checked by technicians who are trained and experienced in performing laser line wheel alignment.

Compared to using conventional alignment machines and technologies, laser alignment is a far more effective and speedy method of aligning wheels. It is also more reliable as it uses a high resolution and error-free technology so there is no need to worry about errors associated with older methods such as substandard dial bar and bar sag.

Midland Tyres Laser Alignment

At Midland Tyres, we help commercial fleet owners reap the benefits of accurate wheel alignment. We have fleet service experts with over two decades of trade experience. We use a specialist laser alignment system to provide the most accurate alignment readings and adjustments.

With the help of a specialist alignment system, our experienced engineers and technicians will create the most ideal geometry set up to give you the ultimate vehicle handling and tyre economy.

Aside from laser line wheel alignment, our team also offers a wide range of services for fleet vehicles. We provide quick responses for fleet breakdowns even during out-of-work hours.

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